January 31, 2013


January 29, 2013


Cartoon Network will introduce two new action-adventure half-hour series based on heroes from DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation, Teen Titans Go! and Beware The Batman; a new animated series from LEGO, Legends of Chima; a new animated musical-comedy series, Grojband, from FremantleMedia; an all-new series iteration of The Tom and Jerry Show, produced by Warner Bros. Animation; a new season of the animatedTotal Drama “reality” series from CAKE Distribution, Total Drama All Stars; and also from LEGO, three quarterly installment specials of The Yoda Chronicles, a new CG-animated foray into the “Original Saga” world of Star Wars.

Read more: http://kidscreen.com/2013/01/28/cartoon-network-goes-face-to-face-for-this-years-upfront/#ixzz2JNGebQMN

January 21, 2013


Hey GB fans! Curious what our storyboards look like? Well, check these puppies out. We'd love to put up a whole board - but that'll have to wait until after the episodes air. Until then, here's three great storyboard samples from three great storyboard WIZARDS. 

Sample 1: Pox-n-Roll - Brian Coughlan
Sample 2: Rockersize - Kyle Marshall
Sample 3: Super Zeroes - Chad Hicks

There's even more talented artists on our GB boarding team. So if you like this little taste let us know and we'll keep posting them!

Below is part 1 and 2 of WISH UPON A JUG - storyboard by Brian Coughlan


Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon against the green screen in their mocap suits. (Screen grab from GBS01E05 'No Strings Attached')

Sigh. If it were only this easy.

GROJBAND is actually animated in FLASH. The main character models are drawn from a number of angles with multiple hand positions, eye-blinks, and full mouth charts. These pieces are considered MDP (Master Design Pack) and the animation crew skillfully moves them around to make the actions that you see in the show. For the most part, the master designs cover all the the actions that the characters need to do. Sometimes though, the characters need to be in a position, or make an expression that the animator just can't recreate. For this, our posing department creates scene-specific drawings. Above is a sample of the custom posing done for 'No Strings attached'.


Here's the original 1 minute Grojband theme song. Unfortunately we had to cut it down to 20 seconds so you'll never actually hear the awesomeness of this version. But do not fret - the new version is EXTRA awesome! 

January 20, 2013


Above: Screen grab from GBS01E02 'Dance of the Dead'

Corey Riffin - Lyon Smith
Laney Penn - Bryn McAuley
Kin Kujira - Sergio Di Zio
Kon Kujira - Tim Beresford

Trina Riffin - Alyson Court
Mina Beff - Denise Oliver
Nick Mallory - Graeme Cornies
Mayor Mellow - Kedar Brown

Buzz Newsworthy - Dwayne Hill
Chance Happening - Julie Lemieux

Above is our super talented Grojband family. There are many, many more brilliant voice actors who have made our record sessions a blast to be at. And every once and awhile I get in the booth and blow everyone away with my uncanny ability to sound like a growling bear or wedgied nerd. 

*Voice directed by the amazing Merle Anne Ridley.