October 25, 2012



Screening the first episode of Grojband this morning. 
Amazing to see every ones hard work coming together. 

(We're actually seeing the visuals married with the full audio mix for the first time)

~Thank you GB team!

October 9, 2012

FremantleMedia Enterprises Announces World Tour For Grojband

MIPCOM, 9 OCTOBER 2012: FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) today announced a series of international TV deals for the kids’ comedy series about a wannabe rock band, Grojband.  The 52 x 11 minutes animation is a TELETOON Original Production by Fresh TV. FME manages the worldwide (excluding Canada) TV distribution, home entertainment and brand licensing rights for the series.

New buyers cover major territories including France (Lagadère), Italy (Switchover Media), Australia (ABC) and Latin America (Cartoon Network). These acquisitions follow the announcement earlier this year that Cartoon Network USA became the US broadcast partner for the series.

October 8, 2012


WANTED: STORYBOARD ARTISTS to work on our new series GROJBAND.
Interested? Please send board samples to neptoonstudios@gmail.com - Must be a resident of Ontario, Canada.


Design by Aleksandar Prohaska
Paint by Martin Smith

October 7, 2012


Paint by Martin Smith

Garage concept art by Ed Lee

Considering that Corey and the band were going to be spending a lot of time in this location, we had to take some liberties with the size of the garage. We also added a second level with a loft bedroom so that Trina would be in constant 'ear shot' of the gangs shenanigans.