June 10, 2012


TRINA RIFFIN – Sister/Keeper of words

“Just try to imagine... Just Imagine... How little I care and junk”

This emotional 16 year old is Corey's sister and ARCH- NEMESIS (think Icky Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents). Trina's got no clue that Corey's stealing her diary and thinks his ANNOYING little band is nothing more than a waste of good garage space. A garage SHE could be using as her own private bedroom.

Trina is the QUEEN BEE at Elementary High. She’s as popular as she is feared by students and teachers alike. People don’t hang with Trina cuz they want to - they simply have to. Being Trina’s friend is kinda like a job. And when she has the ability to make you or break you (status wise), some girls <cough-Mina> will do just about anything to stay in her good books. Trina knows she has this school and its faculty wrapped around her little finger and she uses it to her advantage every chance she gets.

“Think of our friendship as your internship to popularity”

Trina's diary entries are a mirror of her personality - self-important, melodramatic and read like something off the pages of a gossipy teen mag. And even though Core and the band do their fair share to make her act like a complete diva-tard, in the end it's her own crappy attitude that gets in the way of her success and happiness.

Trina’s off in her own sweet sixteen world where the most important things are her, herself and guys...that like HER. One guy in particular takes up a lot of Trina’s bubbly energy - Nick Mallory. HUNK ALERT! She’s in constant pursuit of his suiting and won’t let a little thing like her dumb brother get in the way. Nick has an amazing effect on Trina. She gets all kind and cutesy when he’s around. It’s the only time you’ll ever see her with her guard down. In a lot of ways, Nick’s presence makes things way easier on Corey when getting the diary, cause Trina's so dreamed- out!

If you ask anyone at Elementary High what they think of Trina Riffin – they'd ANONYMOUSLY say “She ain’t pretty she just looks that way”.

Above board panels where for the original pilot "Smash Up Terby". Courtesy of Paul Watling.

Above are a few pose sheets from the actual production. As you can see - James Walsh and the posing team are doing a great job matching the original posing style we loved so much from the original pilot. 


  1. I love the character. I figured out trina and her best friend mina have something in common with vana glama from sidekicks *wink*wink

  2. Trina's mean, but very pretty. I bet Mina has feelings for her. I hope you pair Trina and Mina as a couple at the end of the series, or at least add some hints about them.

    Overall, I love this series. Great animation, story lines, songs, etc. Keep up the good work, Todd!