June 3, 2012


KIN and KON – The Wonder Twins (you wonder if they’re really twins)

According to Legend (Legend’ being something they made up), Kin and Kon were born Siamese twins and they have the scars to prove it. The not-so identical brothers also claim that they can communicate to each other with their minds and often finish each other’s sentences - poorly. But the oddities don’t stop there. Kin and Kon speak a secret 'TWIN' language that no one else understands. Some even question whether Kin and Kon understand it. Together, Kin and Kon harness the power of rock. They’re fully into the band, and speak about it like Jack and Kyle from ‘Tenacious D’.

KIN - Keys
What KIN lacks in brawn he more than makes up for in BRAINS (think DATA from Goonies). Kin has a real head for inventing creative gadgets, many of which come in handy when trying to borrow Trina's diary.
Kin likes it LOUD! He's in charge of the band's PYROTECHNICS, lighting, computers and any TECH related instrumentation.

KON – Drums
Twice as big and half as smart as his older twin. Kon provides some much needed MUSCLE and despite his massive girth he has a surprising GENTLE GIANT disposition.
Kon has a 'thing' for Trina (grody) and at times we get a glimpse that Kon is more intelligent than he appears and that his dim-witted persona is merely an act.

If you ask anyone at Elementary High what they think of Kin and Kon – they'd simply say... On second thought, NEVER MIND. You’re better off not knowing.


  1. Dear Creators

    Can you tell us how do you draw and animate poses like kinda tell us the animation process

  2. Yes! In upcoming post I'll try to break it down a bit.