March 2, 2013



16 year old Nick Mallory is a real looker, and get this - he’s NICE too. He sits between Trina and Mina in homeroom and ALL the girls are crushing on him - EVEN the school's principal seems to be smitten with him. Maybe it’s because he’s a straight A student, captain of the football team with all the charm of a Hollywood heart throb.

So if Nick Mallory could have anyone, why does he want Trina? Good question. It seems the more Corey and the band mess with Trina, the more interesting she becomes to Nick Mallory. He sees her differently then the rest of us and thinks Trina’s vulnerable side is a whole lotta fun and kind of adorable. Nick Mallory’s one flaw - Nick Mallory talks in the 3rd person.

NICK: "The secret to a cool lean, is not needing anything to lean on"


Betcha didn't know: The name Nick Mallory comes from Nick Moore and Mallory Keaton -  two stars from the 80's hit TV show Family Ties

Betcha didn't know: Not only is Graeme Cornies the voice of Nick Mallory but he's also one of the "real life" composers that writes Grojband's wicked tunes. When we hear a rough cut song in production, it's usually Nick's voice singing them.


  1. I like characters that speak in the third person. I find it so amusing for some reason.

  2. Late to the game ... But am I seeing a tip of the hat to Family Ties here?