January 20, 2013


Above: Screen grab from GBS01E02 'Dance of the Dead'

Corey Riffin - Lyon Smith
Laney Penn - Bryn McAuley
Kin Kujira - Sergio Di Zio
Kon Kujira - Tim Beresford

Trina Riffin - Alyson Court
Mina Beff - Denise Oliver
Nick Mallory - Graeme Cornies
Mayor Mellow - Kedar Brown

Buzz Newsworthy - Dwayne Hill
Chance Happening - Julie Lemieux

Above is our super talented Grojband family. There are many, many more brilliant voice actors who have made our record sessions a blast to be at. And every once and awhile I get in the booth and blow everyone away with my uncanny ability to sound like a growling bear or wedgied nerd. 

*Voice directed by the amazing Merle Anne Ridley. 


  1. Who's the voice director Todd?

  2. The brilliant Merle Anee Ridley of course.

  3. Oh yeah. Now I see the note about Merle... she's a peach. Say 'hi!' for me.