May 16, 2012



If you ask anyone at Elementary High what they think of Corey Riffin – they'd simply say “CORE ROCKS!”

Corey’s a cute, quirky 13 year old - popular with the dudes and even more so with the ladies. I mean, who can resist a charismatic guitar player with his very own band? Nobody, that’s who. His confidence with music, people and day-to-day life is unparalleled. He isn’t cocky, but he’ll stand up to anyone or anything that gets in the way of him or his band.

Core has a knack for making things go his way - and if they’re not, you can bet he’s got a plan up his sleeve to turn things around. Yes, his A.D.D has derailed the band’s plans, sending them off on wild, unrelated tangents on occasion. And yes, his bizarre O.C.D rituals have been known to make the band late for a gig or two...or three. Can you blame him? I mean, everyone knows that if you don’t re-string your guitar three times (and once with your feet) before you play it just doesn’t feel right. Right?

Whenever Corey has a clever idea, he says -
“Lemme solo here for a sec”

Corey knows that being the bands trusted LEADER is a super sweet gig. And although he may seem off in his own world at times - he’d NEVER let the band down. Corey always comes through and can always be trusted. Okay sure, having the band’s success riding on his shoulders can be a bit heavy - but the band’s behind him 110%. They know Core’s got the skills to pull it off. I mean who else can take a bunch of Trina’s tripped out thoughts and turn them into a song? So what if he can’t write his OWN lyrics? BIG DEAL! Maybe he’s got writers block? Maybe it’s brain freeze?...dementia? Well, whatever it is, the band hopes it doesn’t last too long cuz messin’ with Trina can take a lot out of a person.

Every good 'Front Man’ knows his weakness. For Corey, it’s his LYRICS.

Oh tumble drier, 
Dryeth my clothes. 
Make them soft and easy to spill on, 
And I shall cleaneth your lint tray in return.

So... yeah. Needless to say, Corey will do anything to get Trina’s lyrics. He knows that her words are the CHEESE to his ROCK-ARONI, so his MAIN OBJECTIVE is to keep his sister's life looking like a Spanish soap opera until he can crack the whole lyric writing thing. If anyone found out he was rippin' these lyrics, it would be seriously UNCOOL. After all, he's got a REP to maintain.

ABOVE: Corey poses

ABOVE: Corey Rotation

ABOVE: Corey Costumes (These guys get a lot of weird gigs)


  1. that dude needs a GF, and FYI, it needs to be Laney! Open yur eyes Crey, she has a UBER-BIG crush on you! Why?Kuz your AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. I am legit in love with this show and its randomness. I totally love Corey and the rest of the members in Grojband ^-^ (congratulations you got a fourteen year old to fall in love with a show for kids xD. )

  3. I am legit obsessed with Grojband. I freak if I almost miss an episode! I totally love Corey and the gang!(Corey's my fave though) I can't not draw fanart for this show. Oh and congratulations you managed to get a fourteen year old into a kids show xD

  4. I'm a 12 year old who ships Lanely&Corey and those two reminds me of when Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pines were dating sort of. :))

  5. you how love but life drawing it so they corey get god!